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September Dinner Event

Andrea Brenneke

"Restoring our City, Restoring Connections, Restoring Ourselves"

Featuring Andrea Brenneke, Director of Restorative Justice for the City of Seattle  

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When:  September 11, 2014  - 5:30 p.m.. - 9:30 p.m.

Where:  Women's University Club

Restorative Justice. Restorative Practices. Communities can come together to repair harm, heal, and restore balance after painful conflict or crime occurs.  During our annual evening gala and celebration, Andrea Brenneke will inspire us to be part of an emerging network embracing this transformative practice in Seattle/King County and beyond.  Evolving with humanity, many Restorative Practices, such as Justice Circles, have deep roots in indigenous cultures and traditions.  Finding revival today, they offer a positive alternative to punitive justice and result in safer, more equitable, empowered, and resilient communities.  When people and relationships are violated, resolution is found in understanding and accountability versus blame and punishment. It is a process of healing and empowerment.

Join us on a powerful day of remembrance and WBE’s big night out, September 11, as we learn how to be involved in the Restorative Justice movement.  We will explore how Restorative Practices and principles can help us deepen our own relationships and resiliency when faced with interpersonal conflicts or the most tragic of crimes.

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