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May Breakfast

 Celeste Mergens


"Our Perspectives, Our Reality: Decoding Differences to Build Empathy and Understanding”

Featuring Celeste Mergens, Founder and Executive Director of Days for Girls International

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When: May 12, 2016 -  7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Where:  Women's University Club

Perspectives are incredibly individual. Every reality is shaped by circumstance, emotion, environment, and experience.

Celeste Mergens knows the value of stepping into the perspectives and wisdom of others; going beyond what we think to deeply consider another’s point of view—recognizing that she carries only one perspective, not the whole story. With this knowledge she has learned to find solutions that work to challenges she may never have considered, creating powerful connections and relationships in the process. This concept is the heart of the organization she founded, Days for Girls International. They work to educate and empower women and girls in 101 nations on six continents. Their goal is to ensure that women, girls and communities around the world have sustainable access to feminine hygiene and health education. Today more than 600 chapters and teams of Days for Girls volunteer in sewing collectives that make reusable menstrual pads. Their Community Led Health Initiatives include Days for Girls microenterprises that create jobs in vulnerable communities while providing menstrual solutions that give back time, opportunity and dignity. Hundreds of Ambassadors of Women’s Health train others to serve as community experts in menstruation, reproduction, and self-defense. From the design of the kits to successful initiation of programs, Days for Girls focuses on responding to the wisdom of those they serve.   

 Join us for breakfast as Celeste leads us through the fundamentals of recognizing and responding to differences (especially cultural). She will teach us how to apply that skill in our everyday personal and professional lives so we are comfortable with who we are, strengthen our practice of empathy, and embrace differences in others in order to create a village that honors the beauty in all of us and allows us to be who we truly are.

 “Our circumstances do not define us. Rather it is our response to circumstance that shapes us and defines who we are.” Celeste Mergens

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Photos taken by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon
Professional Photographer and Volunteer for WBE


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