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February Breakfast

"Conquer the Monsters under the Bed

Featuring Stephanie Owns, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author

Stephanie Owens is an expert on overachieving people-pleaser types. She knows all about them since she was one of them. Now it is her passion to help others relinquish the unreasonable expectations we place on ourselves that more often get in our way, than help us succeed. Exploring the monsters under the bed, Stephanie helps us get to a place of strength and capability, without the need to over function, over commit, and overdo.   

Join us for breakfast as Stephanie shares her process for dismantling the fears that hold us back and make us small.  She will help us see where our actions are out of alignment with our goals, and give us the opportunity to redeclare ourselves to the outcomes we envisioned for 2017 at the turn of the New Year. 

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January 27 - New Year Inspiration Workshop "Visualize Your Way to Success - Your 2017 Roadmap" facilitated by Catharine Bachy. Register today!


February 9 - Stephanie Owens, Therapist, Business Coach and Author, will engage us with "Monsters in the Closet: How to Stop Fear from Sabotaging Your Potential and Unlock Your Success!"

March 9 - Tracey Warren - Creative and innovative ways to shine online

April 13 - Lue Rochelle Brim-Atkins - Racial and social justice inclusion

May 11 - Humaira Abid - Cross-cultural perspective through contemporary art


Photos taken by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon
Professional Photographer and Volunteer for WBE



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