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August Breakfast

“Declare Yourself!”
Featuring Renée Smith, Lean Transformation Services Director, Washington State Department of Enterprise Services 


Lean is a human-centered philosophy of work that creates a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and care to deliver value to customers. When hit with dramatic, unforeseen change that led to a life that no longer worked for her, Renée Smith unknowingly but instinctively applied Lean philosophy to her circumstances and found a new way forward. Lean concepts are now not just the center pin of her personal growth, but the core of what she does to help governments deliver more value.

Join us for breakfast as Renée inspires us with lessons learned from reclaiming her life and declaring herself to be in the game. She will walk us through the five steps for transformation and help us to practice saying “yes” to life versus playing it safe, a common struggle for women. 

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August 10 - Renée Smith Nyberg, Director of Lean Transformation Services at Washington State’s Department of Enterprise Services, shares how personal tragedy helped her find the courage to travel her own path and make her most meaningful contributions. You’ll be encouraged to hear Renée share how you too can apply the same time-tested continuous improvement principles she used to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems in life and work.

August 17 - Members Only Happy Hour at Pike Brewing Company, 5-7 PM.

September 14 - Susie Lee, who in addition to a degree in Fine Arts, also carries degrees from Yale in Molecular Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Education. Susie received Geekwire’s 2015 App of the year award for her startup Siren, has practiced Karate for over 16 years and has taught math, science, and art. Join us as Susie shares her views on being a feminist and changing the world.

September 22 - Master Your Money Mindset Workshop taught by Mary Bicknell. 

October 12 - WBE's Annual Evening Gala Event, featuring special guest, Mary Yu, Associate Justice of the Washington Supreme Court. Don't miss this chance to meet this remarkable woman, powerhouse speaker and pioneer in the legal field.

November 9  -  Kim Zabel- Deputy Assistant Secretary, Environmental Public Health - How to get unstuck from a negative cycle using The Awareness Wheel. 

December 14 - Libby Wagner, author, consultant and former poetry professor, has influenced the cultures of companies like Nike, Philips, and Costco. She helps executives and teams articulate their visions and enhance their success by combining art, poetry and sound business sense.  Libby will encourage us to embrace the strong, feminine principles of business (think: robust vulnerability and conversational leadership) positioning us for an inspiring and successful new year.


Photos taken by Ingrid Pape-Sheldon
Professional Photographer and Volunteer for WBE




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