October Breakfast:

“The Art of Conversation: How Being Curious Fuels Connection and Growth” 


Join us for a different, interactive breakfast. You’ll be given a series of questions to ask, you’ll connect with multiple people in a meaningful and fun way and you’ll learn how to apply these questioning and conversational skills to your personal and professional life. Vicki Legman, owner of Legman Communication Training and WBE Speaker Chair, will bring 30 years of teaching and facilitation experience to lead these engaging activities. She is high energy, fun and focused. You’ll have a ball. Find out more

Business Ignition Group (BIG)


This is for you if . . . You’re ready for something to inspire you to even greater depth and breadth in your livelihood

  1. You’re longing for more pleasure and satisfaction and success
  2. You’re curious about how you might be more creative than you can imagine (whether or not you think you are ‘creative’ or ‘artistic.’)
  3. You’re ready to be in relationship with your work (and not a slave to your work)

Note: This is a WBE member only opportunity.

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