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About WBE

Transforming the Future of Women in Business

WBE is devoted to helping working women achieve more career, entrepreneurial, and business success. Our members, board chairs, keynote speakers, and class facilitators share one vision: to transform the future of women in business through education and the modeling of leadership so that today’s professional women are inspired to reach for and achieve their full professional potential.

Originally founded in 1979, WBE is Seattle’s longest-running professional women’s networking organization.

Our History

WBE was founded in 1979 by Donna Nunn as a means to help working women develop better business and management skills at a time when women were still new to the professional workforce. Her approach—as unique then as it is now—was based on the belief that women are most successful when inspired by models of success and when empowered to bring their whole selves into their careers or businesses.

Three decades later, WBE continues to offer working women safe harbor, friendship, fresh perspectives, and the opportunity for business and professional growth. We believe that our work at WBE—and the success of working women in America—is as critical and relevant today, as it has always been.

WBE speakers are leaders and models of success.  They are recognized, respected professional leaders and innovators within the business community, their industry, or in their area of expertise who are willing to impart their knowledge, insights, and personal stories to inspire and educate our audiences.

Our Speakers

  • Have a track record of speaking publicly in established professional or public forums—but they are not typically employed as public speakers. Instead, they’re experts, leaders, or other professionals who are comfortable and capable in the spotlight.
  • Provide knowledge, wisdom,  fresh perspectives or new ideas that will bring us closer to our vision of  “Transforming the future of women in business.”
  • Are willing to speak honestly, from the heart  (and without compensation), about what they know and what they’ve experienced in both their personal and professional lives.

Contact our speaker committee:

Vicki Legman, Speakers Co-Chair

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WBE Happy Hour: Private Artist Tour with Humaira Abid Feb 21, 2018

Enjoy this WBE private tour with internationally acclaimed artist (and past WBE speaker) Humaira Abid. A unique opportunity to hear about Humaira’s emotional and creative process in “Searching for Home” showing at the Bellevue Art Museum. Plus drinks with your colleagues and friends at Lincoln-South next door to BAM after the tour.
Humaira Abid’s fearless approach to tackling cultural norms, gender roles, and relationships, often with an ironic edge, will bring you into an emotional experience with her bold, symbolically rich, and meticulously realized wood sculptures and miniature paintings. What might it be like to be a refugee woman trapped in limbo, focused on survival? Come see, learn and try it on for yourself with other WBE women.


Location: Bellevue Art Museum 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA Time: 4PM – 5PM Followed by drinks at Lincoln Square South Plaza 700 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA Time: 5PM – 6PM

Breakfast Meeting Featuring Joanna Bloor, CEO and Founder of The Amplify Lab

Thursday March 8, 2018


March 8, 2018 | 7 – 9 AM Women’s University Club

Deeper Dive with Joanna Bloor

Thursday March 8, 2018

An opportunity to take our spring class with Joanna Bloor!

Directly after WBE Breakfast

Time: 10AM – 12PM

March 8, 2018 | 10 am – 12 pm Women’s University Club

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What Our Members are Saying

“It’s a safe space for me to expand myself. I have the opportunity to try something different each time I show up. The feedback is genuine. I am inspired.” WBE Member

“I see WBE members as women who want to grow their businesses or careers from the inside out. They seek mutual exchanges of value, talents, skills, or goods.” WBE Member

Our Mission

WBE is committed to creating a community of compassionate women business leaders. We empower women to grow personally and professionally by providing opportunities for learning, leadership, networking and mentoring. We conduct business on a foundation that recognizes our common human spirit and the desire for universal acceptance.

We welcome you to contact us anytime with your questions, we are happy to help!

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