October WBE Breakfast and Workshop

Being Authentic in a Fake World:
Becoming Better Truth-Tellers

Sonya Lea, local author of Wondering Who You Are, recommended by Oprah, People Magazine, BBC, and more.

How do we tell our truth when it is unlike those in our family, community, and society? How do we embrace our own expression in a culture that repels what feels honest to us? How might we find our power and authority through expressing what’s genuine?

Telling Our Truth is a Journey to Finding Our True Power.

Come hear how the power of telling the truth can help us know truly who we are. Find out more.

Take Your Authority Back

90-minute writing workshop
Welcome to All: non-writers and writers
$35 members, $45 non-members

9:30-11:00, following breakfast presentation

Generative Writing in an open-hearted and open-minded space to capture your thoughts, feelings, and explorations through your own truth-telling.

Surround yourself with women writing and sharing their truth—including you. Find out more.

November WBE 40th Anniversary Celebration

Early November, 2019
Date, Time, Location forthcoming

WBE has enjoyed 40 great years. Now it is time to close this chapter with sweet joy, deep gratitude, and reverent enthusiasm.

Join us to celebrate WBE!

Click here to find out more about the future of WBE.

Sometimes an ending
is exactly what a new beginning
is waiting for.

– Piper Lauri Salogga



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